• Product Benefits:
    • Boosts the immune system
    • Promotes healthy bones
    • Regulates and maintains calcium and phosphorus levels in the blood
    • Supports mental and emotional well being
  • Suggested Usage:
    • Take (1) softgel daily with a meal, or as recommended by the health care practitioner.
  • Storage conditions:
    • Store in a cool dry place

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Vitamin D works with calcium to keep bones strong and healthy and to avoid deformities. It also maintains the levels of phosphorus in the blood. It is well known that Vitamin D also plays a vital role in the immune system functions, helping to fight off different kinds of infections.

Vitamin D supplementation is essential to compensate for the Vitamin D deficiency which could be the result of inadequate exposure to sunlight, insufficient Vitamin D intake in the diet, and some health conditions that can affect Vitamin D absorption.

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